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    Visual Flight Rules - VFR-OTT

    VFR-Over-the-Top Rating (VFR-OTT) permits a pilot to fly an aircraft during daylight, above and between cloud layers-without visual reference to the ground. The flight training for the VFR OTT rating includes the instrument flying elements of the Commercial Pilot License.

    Admission Requirements:
    1. Age: Applicants must be a minimum of 17 years of age.
    2. Citizenship: Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or a person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.
    3. Medical: Applicant must hold a valid Transport Canada Category 1 or 3 Aviation Medical certificate issued by a Transport Canada approved Aviation Medical Examiner.
    4. License: Applicant must have a valid Canadian Private Pilot License.
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    Training Requirements – Transport Canada:

    Applicant must satisfy all training criteria as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

    1. Ground School
      1. There is no mandatory ground school for the VFR-OTT, however ground instruction will include a general review of Canadian Airspace, weather requirements for VFR-OTT flight, interpreting and applying weather tools, instrument flying techiniques, operation of ADF, VOR and GPS navigation systems.
      2. There is no written exam
    2. Flight Training
      1. There is no designated flight exam, however the rating will be awarded on the recommendation of the Flight Instructor, who must certify that all requirements have been met.Applicant must have accumulated the following minimums: 45 hours flight time, including 17 hours dual (with instructor) and 12 hours solo.
      2. There is no practical flight test conducted by a Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiner.

    This rating is in essence an intermediary step between piloting privileges that allow only for VFR flying and a full Instrument Rating.


    (Applicable taxes will be added)

    The following cost breakdown is based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Student proficiency will vary. Hours in excess of those listed here must be paid for by the student at the rates listed.

    15 hours of dual training at $170 per hour $2550

    Flight Training may be paid for ahead of time, or immediately following the flight lesson.

    Additional Expenses:

    1. Hourly Fuel Surcharge (Set Monthly – Please call for current pricing)
    2. Payable to Transport Canada on date of testing/licensing:
      1. Transport Canada Written Test - $150
      2. Transport Canada Licensing Fee - $30
      3. Authorized Person - $30
    Integrated Commercial Course:

    Prospective Commercial Pilot applicants should consider the Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. 10 month Integrated Commercial Pilot Course to achieve their aviation goals. This 10 month, intensive course includes the Private Pilot License, Night Rating, VFR-OTT, Basic Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuver Training, Mountain Performance Courses, Instrument Training, Multi-Engine Rating and an intensive ground school. No prior aviation experience required - credit may be offered for Private Pilot License. Be an employable commercial pilot in 10 months!

    How to Apply:

    To apply for any Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. course, please complete this Application Form and send it via email, fax or in person to Southern Skies Aviation Ltd.

    For further information please contact Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. directly.