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    Mark and Joan Holmes are the proud owners of Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. They are both active in the company, with Mark handling the Operations side and Joan the Administrative side. Mark brings with him a wealth of experience accumulated through many years with the Canadian Air Force as well as ten years with Cathay Pacific Airlines. His flying career includes the CF-18, the CF-104, the L1011 and the Boeing 747-400, as well as numerous light aircraft. Joan is often the initial contact for customers and students and will make sure that you feel comfortable in the surroundings of Southern Skies. Mark and Joan insist on high professional standards for themselves and for their staff. Thus, the motto of Southern Skies Aviation: "In Pursuit Of Excellence".

    Contact Mark or Joan: fly@southernskies.ca
    Charlene Parton is the Office Manager at Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. She possesses an amazingly pleasant personality as well as an extensive background in administrative tasks. Charlene's efficiency, enthusiasm, and ability to multi-task are appreciated by everyone and ensures that the front office runs smoothly and that we all keep on track.
    Sandy Thomas oversees and supervises accounting and financial reporting within Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. Sandy has extensive banking and book-keeping experience, which has enabled her to handle the financial needs of SSA in a highly skillful manner. She is also able to do all of this with great skill and great patience.

    Contact Charlene or Sandy: sac@southern skies.ca
    Members of the Southern Skies flight training staff are chosen for their dedication to the pursuit of excellence in aviation, and for their ability to share their knowledge and experience with you, the student. We strive to provide an optimum training environment that allows students to achieve their aviation goals to the highest standards possible.
    Contact for all other Operational Personnel: fly@southernskies.ca

    Glenn Philbrook is the Chief Flight Instructor at Southern Skies Aviation and has been flying in western Canada for three decades. Glenn has been fortunate to have experienced thousands of hours in a combination of light single and multi-engine aircraft in pristine wilderness areas from the high arctic to the souther coast of BC. Glenn has recently added Transport Canada Authorized Person to his accomplishments and is an excellent resource for all students.
    Contact Glenn: glenn@southernskies.ca
    Michelle Tuckood has been the Chief Pilot at Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. since its inception. She is a talented Class 2 Flight Instructor, a Transport Canada Authorized Person, and a certified DFTE for Multi-Engine operations. Michelle acquired her pilot license in 1989, has thousands of hours of flight experience and holds a Canadian ATPL.
    Harvey Webber is a Class 1 Flight Instructor who is well known and respected in the interior of British Columbia as a Transport Canada DFTE for Private Pilot flight tests. With thousands of flight hours to his credit, Harvey has earned his Group 1 Multi IFR Rating and has served as both CFI and Deputy CFI for Southern Skies Aviation and started many young flight instructors on their way to successful aviation careers.
    Jean-Charles Kotwicz Herniczek (JC) is the Class I Flight Instructor who leads the Aerobatic program at Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. JC has over 32 years of aviation experience, with the majority acquired in the Belgian Air Force, including 4 years in Texas at the NATO School and 6 years spent with the Belgian National Demonstration Team. JC holds a Canadian ATPL and spends his summers flying the Lockheed Electra for Airspray.
    Stuart Cheyne is one of our charter pilots and is a dedicated Class 3 Flight Instructor who loves to teach. His calm manner and ability to impart information and instill confidence in his students is admirable. Stuart's flying skills, enthusiasm and work ethic are appreciated by all.
    Matt Fairholm is another dedicated Class 3 Flight Instructor whose skills and abilities serve him well in his position as Assistant CFI. He is a graduate of the Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. ICC where he distinguished himself for his excellent piloting skills. Matt also holds a Class 2 Aerobatics Instructor rating and specializes in tail-dragger/aerobatics training.
    Mike Holmes graduated with top honours from the 2009 Integrated Commercial Course at Southern Skies and has since completed his Instructors Rating. Mike brings the ability to multi- task effectively and is a capable charter pilot, Class 4 Instructor, dispatcher and administrator. He has also earned the achievement of Assistant to the Director of Operations.
    Kevin Anderson graduated with honours from the Southern Skies Aviation ICC course in June 2008. He is currently a Class 3 Instructor and brings a wealth of patience and knowledge to the instructional team. Kevin is also a very capable charter pilot and assists with dispatch as required.
    Mike Knoll joined the Southern Skies team as a Class 4 Flight Instructor and brings a wealth of aviation experience obtained while flying float planes on the west coast of BC. Mike also serves Southern Skies as a charter pilot and is a welcome addition to our ground school instructors.
    Associate Staff Members:
    Roger Purton, formerly held the position of Chief Flight Instructor at Southern Skies Aviation and is now employed by Borek Air Ltd. Roger continues to offers his expertise in curriculum development and in an advisory capacity.