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    You worked hard to attain your Private Pilot or Commercial Pilot License, but do not own an aircraft. What are your options? Southern Skies Aviation has a viable answer. Rent one of the well-maintained aircraft in our fleet and enjoy the freedom and privileges your license affords you. Aircraft available for rent include the Cessna 172, Cessna 205 and Citabria 7GCBC.

    Let us take care of the essential, but time-consuming tasks of maintenance, fueling and management of the aircraft. Fully qualified and licensed maintenance personnel inspect our aircraft every 50 hours of flight time; any minor equipment discrepancies are attended to, as required. This procedure ensures that your aircraft will be in airworthy condition upon your departure. With your assistance in promptly reporting any discrepancies, we will continue to provide aircraft to you that meet the highest safety and maintenance standards possible.

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    Southern Skies Aviation requires a flight check-ride before an aircraft may be rented. In order to reserve an aircraft, pilots must stay current. All renters must meet the Transport Canada Currency Requirements as well as the Southern Skies Aviation currency requirements of 60 days between flights in the same make and model aircraft. Flight instruction and check rides may be integrated for optimum benefit to the renter. Students will not be rented aircraft for solo operations without approval from the Chief Flight Instructor (CFI).

    Prospective Renters must complete all of the following prior to renting:

    1. Provide Southern Skies Aviation with a copy of valid licenses and certificates applicable to the type of aircraft being rented and with a copy of their current medical certificate. Copies of the applicable documents will be kept on file with Southern Skies Aviation administration and should be updated as required.
    2. Complete an open-book exam on the make and model of aircraft to be flown. This exam must be signed and dated by the Flight Instructor who performs the check-ride.
    3. Complete a Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. check-ride and demonstrate to the Flight Instructor that you possess the proficiency required to safely operate the aircraft. This requirement must be met every 60 days unless renter can verify they have flown same type aircraft within the 60 days.

    As per Transport Canada: To meet the 6-month requirement for carrying passengers, you must have completed 5 takeoffs and landings in the same category and class within the previous 6 months. If the flight is to be flown at night then the takeoffs and landings must have been completed at night.

    Reference: Transport Canada Currency Requirements