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    Mountain Performance Course 2

    Mountain Performance 1 & 2 are intended to contribute to flight safety and provide pilots with the skills to operate in mountainous terrain with confidence. The course content is an examination of the major elements that influence mountain operations and was derived from a multitude of sources. These sources include a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through thousands of flight hours with the Canadian Armed Forces, the Belgian Airforce, Cathay Pacific Airways and extensive mountain operations, both local and international.

    Mountain Performance 1 is a pre-requisite for Mountain Performance 2

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    Admission Requirements:
    1. Age - Applicant must be a minimum of 17 years of age.
    2. License - Applicant must have a valid Canadian Private Pilot License - minimum.
    3. Citizenship - Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or a person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.
    4. Medical - Applicant must hold a valid Transport Canada Category1 or 3 Aviation Medical certificate issued by a Transport Canada approved Aviation Medical Examiner.
    5. Interview - Applicant must have an interview with the Chief Flight Instructor or delegate.

    Training Requirements
    1. Ground Instruction:
      Students will complete a minimum of 1.5 hours ground brief and 7 hours of Mountain Performance Ground School instruction, including the following subjects:
      Mountain 1 Review Navigation
      Human Factors Illusions
      Landings and Take-Off Performance Landing Areas
      Aircraft Considerations  

    3. Flight Training:
      Students will complete 5.5 hours of dual instruction with a Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. flight instructor - divided between 2 designated flight lessons.

    Ground School $140
    5.5 hour Dual Flight @ $170/hour $935
    1.5 hours Ground Brief @ $50/hour $75
    Total $1150

    Additional Expenses:

    1. Hourly Fuel Surcharge (Set Monthly – Please call for current pricing)
    2. Applicable taxes will be added.

    Please note: Not all aircraft are suitable for these mountain course flights. Students may use private aircraft for these flights, at the discretion of the Director of Operations and if the aircraft meets the following requirements:

    1. Certified
    2. Airworthy
    3. Insured for second seat, instructional purposes
    4. All AD's complied with
    5. Must NOT be owner maintained

    Fees for flight training conducted in A/C not within the Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. fleet will be billed out @ $65/hour.

    As the Captain of your own aircraft, we invite you to use this training program in the continual process of education and the pursuit of excellence

    Integrated Commercial Course

    Prospective Commercial Pilot applicants should consider the Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. 10 month Integrated Commercial Pilot Course to achieve their aviation goals. This 10 month intensive course includes the Private Pilot License, Night Rating, VFR-OTT, Basic Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuver Training, Mountain Performance Courses, Instrument Training, Multi-Engine Rating and an intensive ground school No prior aviation experience required - credit may be offered for Private Pilot License. Be an employable commercial pilot in 10 months!

    How to Apply

    To apply for any Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. course, please complete this Application Form and send it via email, fax or in person to Southern Skies Aviation Ltd.

    For further information please contact Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. directly.