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    International Students
    You should Read & Print These Canadian Immigration Documents...

    Southern Skies Aviation Welcomes You!

    Flight Training at Southern Skies is competitively priced and our international students are often pleasantly surprised at the relatively low costs involved in acquiring their pilot license in Canada. All prices listed on this site are in Canadian Dollars. Click here for current exchange rates.

    All international students considering studying in Canada should visit the following web site.

    Canadian Licensing Document Options:
    (Foreign License Holders)

    Foreign licenses conforming to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and issued by a contracting state of ICAO are eligible for credit towards Canadian licensing documents. A 90-day Canadian temporary license may be issued to temporary license holders.
    Transport Canada information on obtaining various licenses and ratings is available on the internet here.

    For further questions please Contact us at your earliest convenience.