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    Integrated Commercial Pilot Course

    Integrated Commercial Course (ICC) is designed for aspiring commercial pilots who demand excellence from themselves and are ready to accept the challenges and rewards that the ICC has to offer. This 10-month program integrates flight training with extensive ground training and exposure to commercial operations. No prior flying experience is required - includes Private Pilot License.

    Southern Skies Aviation is one of a select few flight training institutions across Canada to have been granted the authority to conduct the ICC. The Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. ICC is designed for aspiring commercial pilots with little or no flying experience, who demand excellence from themselves and are ready to accept the challenges and rewards that the ICC has to offer.

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    Admission Requirements:
    1. Age - Applicants must be a minimum of 19 years of age, or a Grade 12 graduate or equivalent.
    2. Citizenship - Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or a person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.
    3. Medical - Applicant must hold a valid Transport Canada Category 1 Aviation Medical certificate issued by a Transport Canada approved Aviation Medical Examiner.
    4. License - Applicant does not require any prior aviation training. Private Pilot License is included in the Integrated Commercial Course.
    5. Interview - Applicant must have an interview with the Chief Flight Instructor or delegate.

    Training Requirements – Transport Canada:

    Applicant must satisfy all training criteria as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

    1. Ground Instruction: Student applicants will attend a minimum of 300 hours of ground instruction and will write Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. qualifying examinations and the Transport Canada Private Pilot and the Commercial Pilot Licensing examinations. In addition to the standard Commercial Pilot ground school subjects, ICC ground instruction also includes: WHMIS/Transportation of Dangerous Goods; First Aid; and Underwater Egress training.
    2. Flight Training: Applicants shall accumulate a minimum of 150 hours of flight time in aeroplanes, of which a minimum of 80 hours dual and 70 hours as Pilot in Command. Applicants will receive training in complex aircraft types, night operations, multi-engine operations, mountain flying, emergency maneuver training and basic aerobatics and advanced instrument training. The following license, ratings, endorsements and additional flight training will be obtained:
    Private Pilot License Commercial Pilot License
    Night Rating Multi- Engine Rating
    Tail-Dragger Training Instrument Training
    Basic Aerobatics Emergency Maneuver Training
    Mountain Performance Courses VFR-OTT


    Time: Be prepared to start your career as a Commercial Pilot within ten short months. You are not required to hold a Private Pilot License or to have any flying experience prior to beginning the course. All of your time will be devoted to aviation training.

    Quality: Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. (SSA) is accredited with PCTIA, the provincial governing body for Private Post-Secondary Institutions and students may be eligible for funding, if they qualify.

    All flight hours are structured. Each flight is a designated lesson with clear objectives, brief and debrief. There is no "build-up time" on your own as with traditional commercial courses.

    Most commercial flight training institutions offer 80 hours of ground school, which is the minimum accepted by Transport Canada. The ICC offers a minimum of 300 hours of ground instruction, Graduates of the Integrated Commercial Course can be confident of solid flying skills and an in-depth understanding of their trade - qualities appreciated by potential employers.


    To reflect the increased quality of training, Transport Canada permits graduates of an ICC to hold a Commercial Pilot license with 150 flight hours, instead of the usual 200. No money is wasted on unsupervised "build-up" hours. Close proximity to runways and practice areas allows for reduced costs to students.

    The Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. Integrated Commercial Course is offered at a guaranteed price. Students must perform up to course standards to maintain their enrollment status and must meet the achievement standards established in the Flight Training Operations Manual, to qualify for the guaranteed pricing. The following price is for the 2009/2010 academic year.

    Total: International Total:
    $44,200 $44,300

    All taxes and exam fees have been included in this price. Does not include medical, passport or assessment fees, if required.

    Further Advantages: of selecting the Southern Skies Aviation Integrated Commercial Course to achieve your Commercial Pilot License:

    * Includes Private Pilot License, Commercial Pilot License, Multi-Engine Rating, Night Rating, VFR-OTT, Tail-Dragger, Basic Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuvers, Underwater Egress, Instrument time, and Mountain Performance courses
    * Multi-IFR - optional, condensed multi-IFR module
    * Industry experienced instructors
    * Uncongested skies and practice areas within minutes of the airport; close proximity to an international airport
    * In-house Transport Canada Designated Flight Test Examiners and Written Exam Invigilators
    * Accredited institution with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) - students may be eligible for funding through StudentAid BC if they qualify
    * Access to member of the Pilot Advisory Board (PAB) � a cross-section of industry experienced managers, owners and aviators from regional and international air carriers, airlines, military, helicopter, fire suppression
    * On-site accommodation
    * Location is adjacent to a beach and golf course, in a destination tourist town

    As the Captain of your own aircraft, we invite you to use this training program in the continual process of education and the pursuit of excellence.

    How to Apply

    To apply for any Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. course, please complete this Application Form and send it via email, fax or in person to Southern Skies Aviation Ltd.

    For further information please contact Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. directly.