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  • Southern Skies Aviation

    The Southern Skies Aviation fleet includes the single-engine Cessna 172, Cessna 205, and Citabria Bellanca , as well as the twin-engine Piper Aztec for multi-engine ratings. These aircraft provide an excellent progression for aspiring commercial pilots and are also utilized for charters and government contracts.

    These aircraft are maintained to the highest standards of safety and are inspected regularly by fully licensed aviation engineers. Any deficiencies or defects are attended to immediately, allowing students and clients a well-justified trust in the maintenance standards and safety of all aircraft in the Southern Skies fleet.

    Citabria 7GCBC
    This aircraft is a Citabria Bellanca 7GCBC and is used for charter work, flight training, tail-dragger checkouts and specialized aerobatic training. Students and staff alike are enjoying the new green-house roof, interior and beautiful detailing.
    Piper Aztec PA-23 250 - CGHMJ
    The Piper Aztec PA 23 is classified as a “light twin” and can carry one or two pilots, up to five passengers and can carry a substantial load. Southern Skies Aviation utilizes this aircraft for charter work as well as Multi-Engine and Instrument flight training. The Aztec has an excellent safety record, is easy to fly and is well suited for touring, freight operations, charter work and flight training.

    Cessna 172 - C-172 XTN & C-172 HJC
    The Cessna C-172 is a popular training aircraft and is also well suited for regional charter work. It can carry up to four people with ease and comfort, and is great for both short and long cross-country flights. The C-172 can be used for training on the Recreational, Private, and Commercial Licenses, as well as the Group 3 Instrument Rating.

    The landing capabilities of the C-172 allow it to access paved runways, shorter gravel strips and even grass or other unprepared surfaces. This aircraft provides an excellent environment for scenic flights, charter flights and all levels of flight training.
    Cessna 205 CGRKK
    This Cessna 205 boasts a constant-speed propeller, a seating capacity of one pilot and five passengers and can be easily reconfigured to accommodate cargo. RKK is utilized for charters, sight-seeing tours, flight training (complex aircraft) and the essential role of fire patrols.
    Elite Cirrus II Flight Simulator
    Our Elite Cirrus II Flight Simulator is certified for single and multi-engine IFR training. This provides our customers with an ideal training environment in which to learn and practice the skills needed for dealing with emergency scenarios and the rigors of instrument flight.