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    Fam Flight

    Familiarization Flight - also known as a Fam Flight or Discovery Flight.

    This 30 minute flight is offered at a reduced rate and puts you in the pilot seat where a certified instructor will guide you through your introduction to flight. All flights include a pre-flight inspection and pre-takeoff checklist followed by the taxi, take-off, in-flight lesson and landing. During your flight you will be communicating with your instructor and monitor all radio communications through your headset.

    Once back on the ground, you and your instructor will discuss the flight and any questions you may have. This exciting experience will be long remembered and will help you decide if flight training is for you. This flight may also be recorded in your logbook as flight time towards your Private or Recreational Pilot License. You will also have the opportunity to tour our facilities and to ask your Flight Instructor anything you want to know about the flying program.

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    Fam flights introduce you to the world of flying and are a wonderful gift idea.
    Contact Southern Skies to book your flight today - gift certificates available upon request.