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  • Charter/Scenic Tours

    Southern Skies Aviation (SSA) provides a wide variety of options for business and personal charter clients. The Southern Skies Aviation fleet provides single-engine or multi-engine aircraft to get you to your destination safely. These aircraft are maintained to the highest standards and are piloted by our knowledgeable and experienced flight crew.

    Charter Flights for Business/Personal Clients

    • Charter Flights for Business/Personal Clients
    • Save time and money with same-day return - no unnecessary overnight/meals
    • Connecting to flights in larger centres
    • Flights to and from locations not serviced by commuter airlines
    Southern Skies Aviation
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    Aerial Vineyard Tours

    • Spectacular aerial views of vineyards nestled in beautiful Okanagan Valley
    • The Golden Mile (located in the South Okanagan) is a concentrated and beautiful stretch of some of Canada's best vineyards - all in close proximity

    Aerial Photography

    • Charter pilots experienced in providing an optimum environment for photography
    • In-house photography available upon request: homes, businesses, vineyards...

    Aerial Surveying

    • Fire Spotting; Environmental Tracking
    • Prospective Real Estate/Businesses; Economic Development Research

    Scenic Tours

    • A scenic tour is a great way to celebrate a special event or occasion or perhaps just to indulge yourself and a couple of friends
    • There are 145 miles (234 km) of orchards, vineyards and magnificent scenery in the Okanagan Valley, with customized, scenic flights starting at 1/2 hour
    • Gift certificates available upon request

    Scenic tours are flown in the high-winged Cessna 172 and Cessna 205. Every seat is a window seat, providing great photo opportunities for all passengers.

    Advance reservation is recommended to ensure aircraft and pilot availability. Whatever your reason for air travel, be sure to contact Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. for a quote today.