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    Become a Commercial Pilot

    Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. offers a full range of courses and is accredited provincially with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989 and its subsequent amendments.

    To become qualified pilot for recreational flying, you need to obtain a Recreational Permit (RP) or Private Pilots Licence (PPL). This allows you to fly friends and family to any destination in the country on fair weather days under Visual Flight Rules (VFR), however the RP restricts you to one passenger.

    The PPL is a building block to becoming a Professional Pilot, however before you can work as a professional pilot, you require a Commercial Pilots License (CPL). Once you have achieved this, you can receive remuneration or reward for piloting an aircraft.

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    There are a number of options a pilot can pursue to increase employment opportunities. An Instructor Rating allows you to train prospective pilots while building flight hours and increasing your own knowledge, experience and proficiency.

    Other options include the acquirement of a Multi-Engine (ME) and/or Instrument Rating (IFR). This is essential for a career in the airline industry and also allows you to fly in inclement weather or in cloud under Instrument Flight Rules.

    Completion of our Integrated Commercial Pilot Course (ICC) qualifies our students for a Commercial Pilots License, Multi-Engine Rating and Advanced Instrument time in approximately 150 flight hours.

    All individual courses, licenses and ratings are available full time or part time, with the exception of the Full Time, 10 month Integrated Commercial Course (ICC). The ICC is offered once a year with a start date in September.

    Class sizes are limited to 12 students. Complete the Application Form or Contact us today and let your aviation career begin!