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  • Aircraft Parking

    Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. is conveniently located at the southern end of the Penticton Regional Airport and offers secure parking options for aircraft owners. Most parking sites are booked annually. Transient and monthly parking permitted, according to availability. Travelers are advised to contact Southern Skies Aviation prior to their arrival to ensure parking space is available. Seaplane owners are welcome to use the Southern Skies Aviation float dock located on the north shore of Skaha Lake, by advance booking. Parking space is limited at the Penticton Regional Airport and all parking sites should be booked well in advance.

    Parking Rates for 2008/2009:
    Annual Parking Airside: $500
    Annual Float Dock Access: $200
    Monthly Single-Engine/Light Twin: $75
    Daily Single-Engine/Light Twin: $10
    Monthly Large Twin-Engine: $95
    Daily Large Twin Engine: $12
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