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    Aerobatics/Emergency Maneuver

    This course is designed to teach the candidate aerobatics maneuvers from beginner to advanced. In addition to experiencing the satisfaction of planning and flying an aerobatics routine, pilots will find that they will improve their stick and rudder skills, improve their situational awareness, and improve their ability to maneuver in an emergency situation. Southern Skies utilizes a Citabria Bellanca 7GCBC for aerobatic flights.

    Admission Requirements:
    1. Age - Applicant must be a minimum of 17 years of age.
    2. License - Applicant must have a valid Canadian Private Pilot License (minimum).
    3. Citizenship - Applicant must be a Canadian citizen, landed immigrant or a person lawfully admitted into Canada for flight training.
    4. Medical - Applicant must hold a valid Transport Canada Category 1 or 3 Aviation Medical certificate issued by a Transport Canada approved Aviation Medical Examiner..
    5. Interview - Applicant must have an interview with the Chief Flight Instructor or delegate.
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    Training Requirements - Transport Canada:

    Aerobatic training will assist any pilot execute an emergency maneuver to save the aircraft and it occupants should the circumstances present themselves.

    Applicant must satisfy all training criteria as outlined in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

    1. Ground Instruction - The applicant will be briefed on and must demonstrate knowledge of the aerobatics aircraft to be used. All aerobatics maneuvers shall be briefed prior to flight.
    2. Flight Training - The applicant may acquire 9 hours dual flight instruction, including tail-dragger checkout and an additional two hours of solo flight. Solo flight/rental is at the discretion of the Operations Manager, under advisement by the Aerobatic Instructor and Chief Flight Instructor. Students will be introduced to basic aerobatics maneuvers: chandelles, lazy 8's, aileron rolls, loops, clover leafs, barrel rolls and Cuban 8's. The course can be expanded or reduced to suit student requirements.


    (Applicable taxes will be added)

    9 hours dual flight @ $175/hour $1575
    2 hours solo flight @ $130/hour $260
    12 hours of pre-flight instruction/ground school $600

    Additional Expenses:

    1. Hourly Fuel Surcharge (Set Monthly – Please call for current pricing)
    Integrated Commercial Course

    Prospective Commercial Pilot applicants should consider the Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. 10 month Integrated Commercial Pilot Course to achieve their aviation goals. This 10 month intensive course includes the Private Pilot License, Night Rating, VFR-OTT, Basic Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuver Training, Mountain Performance Courses, Instrument Training, Multi-Engine Rating and an intensive ground school No prior aviation experience required - credit may be offered for Private Pilot License. Be an employable commercial pilot in 10 months!

    How to Apply

    To apply for any Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. course, please complete this Application Form and send it via email, fax or in person to Southern Skies Aviation Ltd.

    For further information please contact Southern Skies Aviation Ltd. directly.